The ROI of artwork in the Office


Here at Art Force, we have worked in the office consistently these past two years. We realize in many sectors of business, that has been the exception. Many employees are now making the transition back to the office physically, emotionally, and logistically.

Some staff may feel stress and discomfort in the return to office. Now is an appropriate time to consider the positive impact art has in the workplace. Evidence based design demonstrates that carefully chosen art images in the built environment reduce stress, increase creativity and productivity, and indicate a warmth which reflects a company’s care for its workers and guests. Not only does art have a significant influence on one’s experience in the office, but an art program can also be achieved at a much lower cost than many other upgrades. Art has a value that maintains in relation to other fixtures and furnishings like computers, desks, and appliances.

Please contact me at or 763 567-2205 to discuss how art can be updated or integrated in your space.

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